Truly looking forward to your writings and discussions. And I love the name.

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You deserve more comments.


I remember the expression, although it had less relevance to anyone down here in Australia.

We did have British nuclear weapons tests here and which went out of control - well suppressed and not all declassified.

The whole of Australia irradiated.


Pull up a chair for a front line take on The Decline of The West, Prof. Anthea.

Could interest you. Maybe a Substack essay every 2-3 months now . . .

Washington's Ukraina Grandioznaya Skhema.

The Graveyard of This Empire.


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I look forward to the conversation. Duck and Cover - yes I remember the drill. ‘Thought it was silly. Let’s just stand in front of the classroom windows and get it over with. Then I was drafted into a war I thought was not justified. Moved to CA to finish school (Biology and Marine Ecology) worked as an Assistant Enviromental Scientist for the Port of Los Angeles.

Then decided the only thing to do was to pray for LA. My wife and I went to seminary in NYC - both ordained Episcopal priests. Now serving in Southern Ohio. What a blessed ride. Worries: Civil discourse has gone down the tubes; White Christian Nationalism and Politics is frightening; and on going racism and social inequality is strangling the common good. I think we are on the same page...

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